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Parking at Perth Airport

There are several parking lots serving Perth Airport at the various terminals.
Terminal 1 offers both short term and long term parking, for which the lots are shared with Terminal 2. These are on Horrie Miller Drive and are a short walk from both terminals. Short term parking is currently free up to one hour, and $38 for an entire day. Long term parking is designed for stays of longer than a day, with costs ranging from $20 for a day to $55 for 3 days and $10 for additional days.
Terminals 3 and 4 also share parking, with 4 different long-term parking lots and one lot with fast track parking and short term parking. The fast track/short term parking lot is directly across the road from the terminals, and there are shuttles running every ten minutes which loop around to all the long term parking lots. These can be accessed off Brearley Ave or Dunreath Drive. Short term parking is free for 15 minutes and $4 for half an hour up to $38 for a day. In the long term lot, 1 day’s parking is $20 and 3 days’ worth is $55, with additional days at $10. Fast track business parking is ideal for travellers who want premium, convenient parking. Directly in front of the terminals, prices range from $15 for 2 hours to $120 for 3 days.
There are a number of independent companies which operate parking at Perth Airport. An example is Airport Security Parking (, a secure and simple way to park your car long term. Rates average $23 for a day to $120 for a week. Your car will be under constant surveillance in the carpark which is staffed 24/7. They have 2 lots which are all a short walk from the terminals. It is recommended you book your park, which can be done on their website.
Hamer Airport Parking ( is another independent parking service which runs a shuttle to pick up and drop off customers to the terminals. Rates are $16 a day for the first 3 days, and $9 per day for any additional stay. See their website to book parking.

Updated August 2013 by Chris Houston. Information is subject to change at any time.
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