Perth Airport Customs

Because of Australia’s geographical location, diverse endemic flora and fauna have flourished in its lands. To protect these, Australia’s custom laws are strict in order to prevent any biological hazards or unauthorized visitors from entering the country.
Before you pick up your car rental in Perth, make sure that your adventure is as smooth and as hassle-free as possible. Please have a look at the Immigration and Border Protection website. The site provides a good guide on what can and cannot be brought to the city. Essentially, illegal drugs, plants and animals cannot be taken through Perth International Airport Customs.
Upon entering the International Terminal (Terminal 1) and after clearing passport control, please follow the signs towards the baggage claim. After claiming your bags, you will then head over to the Biosecurity Australia area where your bags will be subjected to random checks. This entire process can often take a while so please keep this in mind and be prepared to be patient. There are toilet facilities before the customs and Biosecurity Inspection in case you need to take a short break.
If you arrive in Perth as a domestic passenger, you can skip the passport and customs control and begin then head on out to grab your Perth Car Hire.