Parking at Perth Airport

There are several parking options at Perth Airport that will surely fit any traveller’s budget and preference - so if you have opted for a Perth car rental service or have your own automobile, convenience is always in sight.
Terminals 1 and 2 share the same parking lot located on Horrie Miller Drive. It is a short walk from both Terminals and you can avail of short term and long term parking here.
Short term parking is free for up to an hour and costs $38 if you wish to park the entire day. Long term parking is designed for more-than-a-day parking and starts at $20 for one day of parking to $55 for 3 days of parking. Each additional parking day will cost $10 beyond the 3-day mark.
Terminals 3 and 4 also share the same parking and offers 4 different types: Long Term Parking, Short Term Parking, Park & Wait, and Fast Track Business Parking.
Short Term parking lot is directly across the road from the terminals. If you wish to go to the Long Term parking lots, there are shuttles you can ride on that are running every ten minutes which loop around the lot. Short Term parking is free for the first 15 minutes. Longer than that and you have to pay from $4 for half an hour to $38 for the day. The Long Term lot costs $20 for one day’s parking while 3 days’ parking is worth $55. Beyond 3 days you have to pay $10 for every additional day. 
The Fast Track is also directly in front the terminals. Its prices range from $15 for 2 hours to $120 for 3 days. The Fast Track is a bit more expensive than the short term and long term parking lots put its location is very convenient.
Another parking option is the Hamer Airport Parking which is an independent parking service. It runs a shuttle to pick-up and drop off customers to the terminals. Its rates start at $16 per day for the first 3 days, and $9 per day for the succeeding days. There are also a number of independent companies which offer secure parking at Perth Airport including Airport Security Parking- a simple way to park your car longer term.

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