Perth Airport Restaurants, Shopping and Food

Your great golden outback adventure starts at Perth Airport. But before you rent a car in Perth and start exploring, why don’t you take a moment to enjoy the bustling and hustling at Perth Airport’s vicinity? With plenty of unique restaurants and retail establishments to keep you fed, watered, and fashionable, Perth Airport is a bustling mini-city where you can play and be pampered.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 or the International Terminal has cafes and restaurants to keep you from getting hungry and souvenir shops so you can take something a little special back home. Here are our recommended places:


Dome (Level 1, located before security)
Mattress Blue Bar (Ground Floor, arrivals)
Velluto (Level 2, located after security)

Restaurants and Bars

BLD, (Level 1, before security)
Eagle Boys Pizza (Level 2, after security)
Freshwater Bay Ale House (Level 1, before security)
Red Rooster (Level 1, before security)
Take Me With You (Level 2, after security)
The Bar (Level 2, after security)


Australian Made (Level 1, before security)
Australian Way (Level 1 before security and Level 2 after security)
Purely Australian (Level 1, before security)
Think W.A. (Level 2, after security)
Fashion and Retail:
F1rst Tax and Duty Free (Level, 1 before security and Level 2, after security)
Newslink (Level 1, before security and Level 2, after security)
Hub Convenience (Level 1, before security)
Rip Curl (Level 1, before security)
Sunglass Hut (Level 1, before security)
Purely Merino (Level 1, before security)

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 or the Domestic Terminal is home to cafes, restaurants, and bars - perfect for that after-flight relaxation.


Four Alls Brew House (before security)
The Coffee Club (before security)
Hudsons Coffee (after security)
Subway (after security)
Other Establishments
Relay Newsagent (after security)

Terminals 3 and 4

Terminals 3 and 4 leaves plenty of options. Eat, drink and shop!


Dome (Ground Floor, before security)
Fresh Connections (Level 1, after security)
Hudsons Coffee (Ground Floor, before security and Level 1, after security)
Restaurants and Bars:
New Orbit Inn (Level 1, after security)
Red Rooster (Level 1, after security)
Sumo Salad (Level 1, after security)
Souvenirs, Convenience Stores, and other Establishments:
Australian Way (Level 1, after security)
Beachculture (Level 1, after security)
Relay (Ground Floor, before security and Level 1, after security)

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